Uncertain economic times like these offer an unprecedented opportunity.  Some enterprises will capitalize on this opportunity and lay the groundwork for growth and marketplace domination.  Others will operate from a stance of fear and let current circumstances dictate to them what will ultimately be a series of poorly made decisions.  Companies that excel in this environment go back to the basics:

This will lead them down the path to efficiency and effectiveness.  These are the cornerstones off success.  Having clearly defined approaches for Vision, Strategy, and Execution, help companies hit the operational mark of excellence,often capturing market share and achieving previously unattainable growth.

Other companies go back to basics and focus on its core business processes to:

As many companies enter the year-end budgeting cycle, questions about Vision, Strategy, and Execution become critical to future success.  Some companies will do their homework and take the time to get these questions right.  Others, often “too busy to take that kind of time,” become destined to deliver another highly under achieving performance. Chose your path wisely.